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The First Day of Awesome

1st Day of Awesome 2015

Well, here it is, New Year’s Day. Again…

I hope your New Year’s Eve was everything you wanted.

I rang in the new year with the love of my life and carefully considered how 2015 will play out for us.

Happy New Year!

This marks the beginning of my new journey of 365 days of awesome, and my new mantra:

Be AWESOME (at least a little bit). Every. Single. Day.

Last year was good (as years go) and worth a quick recap:

Let’s see…

I sorted out a long-term health situation which was sucking the awesomeness out of my life. Literally.

I went to Europe with my husband for the very first time and we explored castles, ate fresh baked bread and pastries, and immersed ourselves in a very different culture for two months. It was brilliant and amazing and forever changed the way I look at the world and the people in it.

I spent more time with my family and friends, and it was more quality time. I plan to do much more of this this next year.

I met my biological father for the first time. I know. Crazy, right?

After 43 years, this was something that was on my bucket list. My mother did an amazing job of raising me without him, so I didn’t miss his presence in my life really. However, there was still this little part of me that wondered about him, and it happened enough that my life felt a bit unfinished.

Now I know, and I’m so glad I do!

But this post isn’t about that…

Back to this past year: Oh! I visited Vegas for the first real time (I passed through as a child once, but that really doesn’t count). 

Turns out my aforementioned biological father actually lives in Vegas, so I got to tick two items off my bucket list in one go.  😀

I overhauled my home so that it was no longer toxic (Yes!).  I made it more sustainable and more me! I ripped up floors, then painted them by hand, re-painted walls, built an exquisite little reading nook, and gutted and rebuilt the kitchen. I repainted and refreshed furniture pieces and filled my home with color and character.

I also organized areas of my house so that it is actually LIVABLE.

There’s more to do this year, but I’ve made a great start.

I used to think I was a slob, but it turns out I was really just disorganized.

Now my main living areas are easy to keep tidy. This was thoroughly tested with great success when I hosted Thanksgiving, and then again on Christmas.

All in all, 2014 was a good year.

But enough about last year… Today is a new day and the start of a brand new year and a perfect opportunity to start with a fresh canvas and create something beautiful and AWESOME!! It’s like getting a mulligan; a do-over. I’ll take it.

2015 is going to be awesome. But instead of resolutions, I’m going to work on my list of 365 Ways to Be Awesome. I know it sounds a little daunting, but it’s not, as long as I use it as a guide.

A little bit every day. I can do this.

If you’d like to come along, you’re welcome to. I’d love to have you.

Be Awesome Every Single Day

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