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    My Whole House Makeover

    I never meant to give my whole downstairs a makeover. It just sort of snuck up on me. After I tore up my water damaged hardwood floors and then painted them, other things popped up that needed to be sorted. Like, my kitchen. It was literally falling apart and made food prep a nightmare. You can see a glimpse of it below. So, I gutted my kitchen, and created this instead:   Yep. Those are concrete floating shelves and a concrete counter top. You can read about my kitchen remodel and reveal and see more photos here, but you get the idea. So, now I loved my kitchen and I loved my floors. But I…

  • Home Makeover,  Home Tour,  The Home

    My Cozy Reading Nook

    After I painted my floors, and we were putting the living room back together, I had a conversation with my husband that went like this: G: “What are you planning on doing with this alcove? You’re not going to put that crappy armoire back there again, are you?” Me: “Crappy?” G: (Looking abashed) “Well, no. It’s not really crappy. But the floors are so beautiful and I feel like you should do something amazing with that space instead of just putting a boring old piece of furniture in it.” Me: “I see. Like what did you have in mind?” G: “I don’t know. You’re the creative one. Make something beautiful.”…

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