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    New Kitchen Makeover and Reveal

    Here it is!! My brand new kitchen! I can hardly believe it’s mine. If you saw my earlier post when we returned from our trip to Germany to find my kitchen falling apart. Then you know what a big deal this has been. When we bought this house, the kitchen was literally the cheapest construction part of the house. The cabinets were bottom of the line formica, and there was even a book shelf shoved into a slot where perhaps a wine fridge once stood. We repainted it when we moved in, but that was the extent of what we did really. So, a few years later, and after 2…

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    My Organized Kitchen

    This post should really be called: How I rethunk my kitchen¬†and made it easy to use and AWESOME. I used to think I was doomed to be a slob. Turns out I was just hopelessly disorganized. When I returned from a two month trip to Germany, I had a chance to look at my kitchen with a brand new set of eyes: it was a mess, disorganized, falling apart, and I hated doing anything in it. Out of necessity, I needed to eat healthy, home-cooked foods. My life literally depended on it. But I didn’t want to cook, and I definitely didn’t want to cook anything in THAT kitchen. That’s…

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    My Budget-Friendly Custom Kitchen Cabinets

    My Custom Cabinets Cost Less and Are Non-Toxic (and NOT made in China) What? How is this even possible?? I had 4 criteria in selecting a new cabinet system for my kitchen: Non-Toxic.Did you know that most cabinets have MDF with fillers like Formaldehyde? These highly toxic chemicals outgas for ages potentially contaminating everything that touches your food (and the food itself). So it goes without saying that if it’s going to touch your food ware and your dry foods, spices, etc, then it should be 100% food safe, right? Not Made in China. It’s not just about keeping jobs here in America.¬†There is a pattern of conduct in China…

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