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    Concrete Kitchen Countertops

    My counter tops used to give me the heebie-jeebies. No lie. When we bought this house, the counter tops were made of 4” tumbled marble tiles with the occasional hand-painted Nemoesque fish. Sounds cute, but it wasn’t really. For the record, tumbled marble is pretty porous as a surface. Yes, you can seal it. Of course you can. I’m pretty sure you can seal any surface. But whoever sealed these counter tops, didn’t do a fantastic job. And I don’t know if they used a food-grade quality sealer either. Anyway, the sealant had peeled away in places, and worn away in others. This led to moisture getting locked in the tile…

  • Eco Living

    Save the Bees Please

    Spring is here! Oh, the birds. And the bees. Wait. That might not making everyone as happy as it makes me. A couple years ago I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across a post: Basically, a hive had been created overnight just outside his bedroom window.  My heart actually broke a little. I get it. They’re bees. They can sting and they’re buzzy. But they’re also incredibly vital to our eco-system. Without bees, we wouldn’t have so many yummy fruits and vegetables and valuable plants including tangerines, oranges, watermelon, coffee, avocados and cotton. Yes. Coffee. And cotton. These are just a few crops that rely exclusively…

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