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    The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen List of Produce 2016

    Tasty looking, huh? Hold up a second. Before you put that in your mouth, there’s something you should know. That little sucker might very well be loaded with pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and even highly toxic gas residuals. Yep. They’re actually little toxic bombs that likely contain chemicals that are even banned in most other countries. This one happens to be organic, so it’s pure delicious goodness–it’s the conventionally grown ones you have to watch out for. Did you know that there’s an awesome organization that actually takes the time to analyze and compile vital data on the foods we eat? Not just any old information, but real useful info for…

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    Save the Bees Please

    Spring is here! Oh, the birds. And the bees. Wait. That might not making everyone as happy as it makes me. A couple years ago I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across a post: Basically, a hive had been created overnight just outside his bedroom window.  My heart actually broke a little. I get it. They’re bees. They can sting and they’re buzzy. But they’re also incredibly vital to our eco-system. Without bees, we wouldn’t have so many yummy fruits and vegetables and valuable plants including tangerines, oranges, watermelon, coffee, avocados and cotton. Yes. Coffee. And cotton. These are just a few crops that rely exclusively…

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    The Perfect Diet: My Thoughts

    Did you know that none of the longest lived people on the planet were vegetarians?  Or that none of the longest lived people were actually Paleo? Crazy, right? How could this be? Surely one of these diets is the right diet for humans. I can promise you that there are people that will tell you that from both camps, and they’re both right. That settles it then. So glad you stopped by. Kidding. But seriously. The perfect diet. There’s even a video from the Paleo camp with that title, I believe. But no. It’s actually not. And neither is the vegetarian diet, or the fruit only diet, or the ketogenic diet, or…

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