Girl Talk

Welcome to Girl Talk

Why, hello there Beautiful.

I’m so glad you dropped by.

I love it when we get a chance to talk candidly about the sort of stuff we really need to talk about as girls. You know, all the random stuff we never really get to talk about, and might even be too embarrassed to Google.

Yeah. That sort of stuff.

Well, luckily we have each other so we can talk about whatever we want to right here.

But what if some guy comes here and tries to eavesdrop?

Well, that could be awkward… for him.

He’d find out more than he wanted to know about how we deal with ungrateful uteruses and monthly periods, or managing unwanted body hair, and what it takes to be truly beautiful in a semi-jaded world. Or how to keep our love lives awesome, and how we manage our girl-girl relationships, or juggle life while taking time for ourselves, and a lot of other not so man-friendly issues.

Okay, I’ll probably chat about sex from time to time, but it won’t be the sort of post that isn’t practical.

And I’ll likely talk about the issues that affect most relationships, but people don’t talk openly about (like why some men’s male parts seem to glitch as they get older and how to sort that out honestly and thoroughly).

I created this category because frankly, we need to talk openly about some of these issues. So, why not here?

If a post contains content that isn’t really appropriate for everyone, I will post a notice accordingly, but I’m not going to censor my posts in this section.

As women, we are beautiful and emotional and we influence the lives around us in so many ways that it is almost overwhelming. We create and cultivate the future generations, and are the nurturing custodians of life here on Earth.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of that.

Welcome to Girl Talk.



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